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There are literally hundreds of different types of hands-free car kits available.

The choice depends on what you need to use your phone for - whether to just answer the occasional call on the move safely, to  make calls safely or to control your music playback.


Answering the questions below could help you make up your mind - but please call us for more detailed information.


Choosing your 
 Hands-free carphone kit

Do you need to only answer the occasional call when driving?

Do you need to answer calls when driving as well as dial from your phone memory?

Do you need to answer calls when driving as well as to dial numbers from your phone memory and to dial new numbers by voice control?

Do you want to do all of the above as well as control the music stored in your iPhone or iPod?

iphone compatible carphone kits
Parrot evo
Parrot CK3100

Remember:  If you have seen a carphone kit not listed here that you would like - please tell us and we can get it for you - or fit it if you already have it.

There is not enough space to list the huge number of carkits available!

Do you use different cars/hire cars or change vehicles a lot?

Parrot Minislim
bury 9058

Choice of two from our most popular range



Parrot CK3100
bury 9058