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Discrete mirror monitor with
number plate camera system

On most installations it is not necessary to remove or drill

the bumper, as the number  plate is clipped inside the

number plate camera then the number plate refitted as

before. The camera cable   can be fed though the number

plate light and into the boot


If the Number plate camera has to be fitted upside down due to  the shape and or position ie being fitted into tail gate or boot lid the camera can be removed and rotated to ensure image is displayed correctly


The monitor simply clips over your existing interior mirror which makes it less obvious to potential thieves.

It also incorporates a video input that can be connected to a DVD payer or video source as well as a remote controller.

£365 (includes on-site fitting)

For number plate camera and mirror monitor

Parking Systems

Audio only

Parking system

£335(includes on-site fitting)

For number plate camera and 3.5 inch monitor