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We currently offer three handsfree carphone kits that are compatible with the iPhone and iPod.


All three of these kits will charge your device as well as give you control of music playback as well as to give you  bluetooth connectivity to your phone allowing voice dialling and crystal-clear sound through your vehicle’s audio speakers.


All three kits offer voice dialling from memory and the Bury kit allows you to speak a number to dial.

IPhone compatible
 Hands-free carphone kits

Parrot 9100

Parrot 9200

Bury 9068

Parrot MKi9100
Parrot MKi9200
bury 9068 music

Please note.  In order for the phone audio to be routed through the vehicle speakers, in most cases an interface wiring harness (known as a SOT loom) will be required.  These looms are vehicle specific and range in price from around £25 for a basic loom up to £65 for an amplified loom needed for certain stereo systems - such as Bose! Please give your vehicle make, model and stereo type when ordering.