12 - Club Expeditions.

Club expeditions are encouraged to further the enjoyment and experience of club members.

Where club equipment is to be used, the expedition must be under the supervision of an Instructor approved by the CFI.


9 – Syndicates and Private Owners.

Any member wishing to join an existing syndicate, form a new syndicate, or intend to base an aircraft at Husbands Bosworth (Powered or Sailplane) must obtain permission from The Gliding Centre Committee and CFI before proceeding.

Any pilot flying a two seat glider with any member of the public (including friends and family)  must have a minimum of a BGA IFP or BI rating, or must have existing ‘friends and family’ approval to fly with passengers (see 10.2, below) and hold a minimum GP endorsed BGA medical (annex B) – see Laws & Rules. Unless by special permission of the CFI or his/her DCFI/s.

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