The following rules apply to non-instructors flying two-seater gliders:

Club gliders whether at Husbands Bosworth or launching from another site.

Privately owned and visiting two seat gliders when launched at Husbands Bosworth.

They are also strongly recommended for private owners launching elsewhere.

Minimum currency to retain authorisation to act as P1 in mutual flying, under one or more of the circumstances 1 to 3 described below

10 P1 hours in previous year

Annual check flight(s) with a Full cat instructor, DCFI or CFI
(this must be done before 30 Sept for the 12 month period ending next 30 Sept)

Current on glider type and method of launch (at least 1 flight in last 3 months)

P1 flown 3 takeoffs/landings in last 3 months

1 - ‘Mutual Flying’ rating (two pilots wishing to share a flight).


· Both pilots must be current TGC full flying club members.

· The initial issue of a ‘Mutual Flying’ rating may only be given by a Team Leader after a flying proficiency check including the intended launch method(s).

· The Duty Instructor must sanction each flight.

· P1 must be ‘Check 4’ minimum and must sit in the front or left-hand seat, unless authorised for flying from the other seat.

· P1 must be current on type and launch method, and must carry out all flying below 500 feet.

· P2 must be at least ‘Check 2’.

· When two ‘Check 4’ pilots fly together, P1 must be nominated before launching, sitting in the front or left-hand seat unless authorised for flying from the other seat.

· There must be no conflict over who is P1 and no instruction is to be attempted.


2 - ‘Friends and Family’ rating.


For pilots who already have this rating prior to January 2016, the privileges will remain, subject to an annual check flight and appropriate medical. However, no new F&F ratings will be issued.

Any other pilot wishing to fly a member of the public (including friends and family) will henceforth be required

(a) to have a Bronze Badge with a cross country endorsement,

(b) to successfully complete an IFP or Basic instructor course (usually completed in a day - see BGA website) and

(c) the appropriate medical. This rating will qualify the pilot, subject to an annual check flight, to fly from the rear seat with members of the public as passengers as well as winch launching (after training).

I encourage all existing Friends and Family rating holders to convert to the more flexible IFP or BI rating.

Details available here https://members.gliding.co.uk/library/instructors/introductory-flight-pilot-course-booklet-and-record-of-training/

(The IFP rating can only be issued to holders of the EASA licence)


3 – ‘Cross Country Coach’ rating.


· Authorisation as a ‘cross country coach’ may only be given by the CFI or a DCFI.

· The coach, unless a BGA instructor (Not BI or IFP) must sit in the front or left-hand seat of the glider unless specifically authorised otherwise by the CFI or a DCFI.

· The coach must carry out all the flying below 500 feet, unless a BGA instructor (Not BI or IFP, and must make no attempt to teach flying skills other than those for which the flight was intended.

· The P2 must be a current club member, and the purpose and limitations of the flight must be made clear beforehand.

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