6- Ground Operational matters.


Pilots must complete a log entry for each flight on the Flying/Technical Log kept in the aircraft.

Each day the ‘Check A’ must be carried out by a suitably authorised pilot, and recorded on the Flying/Technical Log kept in the aircraft.

Any defect found that renders the aircraft unserviceable must be clearly entered on the Flying/Technical Log and also reported immediately to the Club Office.

Fuel and oil used must be recorded on the Fuel Log sheet provided at the pumps and entered on the Flying/Technical Log.

As a Flying/Technical Log sheet and/or Fuel Log sheet becomes full, it must be returned to the club office and a new one started.

Due to limited available cockpit load, it is preferred that when refuelling after flight, the fuel state is left at approximately half full.

After flight the Club Motor Glider must be left clean and tidy ready for the next user.

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