1. Policy Statement.

· The Gliding Centre is committed to providing a safe environment where ‘Young People’ can learn the techniques and arts of gliding and soaring.

· All adults training or coming into contact with ‘Young People’ at ‘The Gliding Centre’ must comply with its ‘Young Persons Protection & Procedures Policy’.

· ‘The Gliding Centre’ recognises its legal duty to work with other agencies in protecting ‘Young People’ from harm and responding to abuse.

· It is the policy of ‘The Gliding Centre’ to safeguard the welfare of ‘Young People’ and all others involved in its activities by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

· The club accepts that in all matters concerning a ‘Young Persons’ protection, the welfare and protection of the ‘Young Person’ is the paramount consideration.

· The club also recognises that the term ‘Young Person’ and its derivatives include all people under the age of 18.


2. Code of Practice and Procedures.

· All club instructors and employees are required to sign that they have read and understood the ‘Young Persons Protection & Procedures Policy’. Where instructors sign ‘The Gliding Centre flying Order Book’, signature of the book will be accepted as signature of this document.

· All full time employees of ‘The Gliding Centre’ are required to disclose any convictions or cautions in relation to ‘Young People’, or any convictions or cautions that have resulted in their placement at any time on the ‘sex offenders register’.

· All course employees that as part of their job either instruct or have direct control over ‘Young People’ will be required to submit to ‘Criminal Records Bureau’ (CRB) checks.

· All adults involved with ‘The Gliding Centre’ must be familiar with the steps to be taken in the event of becoming aware of, suspecting or receiving allegations of abuse.

· ‘The Gliding Centre’ committee via the Child Protection Officer (CPO), reserve the right where concerns have been raised, to ask any member to submit to CRB checks.

· Where the parent or guardian of a ‘Cadet’ or ‘Junior’ member is not a member of ‘The Gliding Centre’, they are required to sign a copy of the ‘Young Persons Protection and Procedures Policy’ as an acceptance of their role within ‘The Gliding Centre’ commitment to ‘Young People’.

· Where the ‘Young Persons Protection and Procedures Policy’ refers to a ‘Nominated Adult’, this person is someone that the parents/guardians have agreed with to take responsibility for the ‘Young Person’ in their absence. There is no requirement for the ‘Nominated Adult’ to be a member of ‘The Gliding Centre’ and ‘The Gliding Centre’ takes no responsibility in any nomination.

3. Guidelines for Safeguarding a Young Persons Welfare.

1. All young persons are encouraged to show respect for others and to take responsibility for protecting themselves. Parents/guardians are expected to help ‘Young People’ to behave in non-violent and non-abusive ways towards club members and visitors.

2. The club hopes that ‘Young People’ will feel free to talk about any concerns. A ‘Young Persons’ worries and fears will be taken seriously if they seek help. However, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if concerns are such that referral must be made to the appropriate agencies in order to safeguard the ‘Young Persons’ welfare.

3. Parents/guardians can feel confident that procedures are in place to ensure the best possible safety for all ‘Young Persons’ at ‘The Gliding Centre’:

· ‘The Gliding Centre’ recognises its responsibilities with regard to health & Safety.

· ‘Young Persons’ will not be permitted onto the airfield unless under the supervision of their parent/ guardian or nominated adult. Where a ‘Young Person’ takes flying instruction from a Gliding Centre instructor, that instructor will for the duration of the flight, take on a duty of care as would be expected of a reasonable parent.

· Instructors will ensure that ‘Young Persons’ are adequately briefed in relation to safety and operating issues whilst under their duty of care.

· Where a Cadet or Junior member of ‘The Gliding Centre’ is deemed responsible and to fully understand the safety issues on the airfield, a ‘Full Rated Instructor’ can endorse their logbook such that with their parents/guardians consent, also endorsed within the logbook, they will be allowed onto the airfield without constant supervision. In this case the ‘Young Person’ must always keep their parent/guardian or nominated adult informed of their whereabouts.

· No ‘Young Person’ may remain at ‘The Gliding Centre’ overnight without explicit consent of their parent / guardian and under direct supervision of their parent/guardian or a nominated adult.

· With groups of ‘Young People’ the ratio of ‘Young People’ to a nominated adult must never exceed 10:1. If the nominated adult is an instructor, that instructor may not fly with any of the ‘Young People’ without a second nominated adult being on the ground to supervise the remaining ‘Young People’.

· No person under the age of 16, is allowed to operate any machinery at ‘The Gliding Centre’ independent of who owns that machinery.

‘Young Persons’ over the age of 16 may only operate machinery at ‘The Gliding Centre’ when their parent/guardian have endorsed such use of machinery within their logbook and a Full Rated Instructor has deemed them safe to do so demonstrated again by endorsement of their logbook.

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