Text Box: Autowatch 68hi Anti-Carjack

· Operating voltage range 9-15 volt DC (negative earth)

· Current drain less than 20mA

· After 30 seconds there is a short reminder bleep to cancel Hi-jack (via hidden switch)

· Two further warnings will follow at 10 second intervals if Hi-jack is still not cancelled.

· After one minute, the horn will begin to sound in attention grabbing bursts.

· The starter motor will no longer work until disarmed


Product Summary

The Autowatch 68HI is an extremely cost effective security system developed in South Africa, where car-jacking is a major problem. It allows the car hijacker to drive off in your car but guarantees he won't get away with your vehicle, because it will quickly glide to a halt with the the horn blaring and the lights flashing.

Unfortunately in the UK we are not allowed to have the same approach, as it is illegal to tamper with the vehicle electrics whilst the vehicle is in motion. The circuit to be immobilised must be the Starter circuit because when the engine is switched off it cannot be re-started.

The Autowatch 68HI becomes operational every time you begin to drive your car. One simple action tells the cars it's you. Only you know what that action is. But if a thief gets into your car, lots of unpleasant things start to happen.

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