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3: ALWAYS park your car in a well lighted area - preferably where people are constantly walking past. Thieves LOVE quiet, dark corners where they can break in at their leisure.

4: DON'T leave your keys hanging up in your hallway/porch etc. It is common nowadays for thieves to break into your home just to get your car keys to steal your car the easy way!

5: "Car-jacking" is becoming increasingly common. Modern vehicle security is now a victim of it's own success. Just about all cars from 'N' reg. on, are fitted with built in CAT 2 immobilisers. Thieves know it is almost impossible to drive the vehicle away without the keys, so instead, make the driver a target. ALWAYS drive with the doors locked, DO NOT get out of your vehicle if bumped from behind in a lonely area - keep the doors locked and drive to a police station. for more specific advice on carjacking, click here.

6: If threatened, don't try to be a hero - just hand over your keys. Your life is much more valuable than your car

7: Fit an anti-hijack device. If you're door is opened whilst the engine is running (as in a hi-jack situation) a timer is started. The thief then drives away removing the physical threat from you, after a few seconds the engine cuts out, the car comes to a stop and the siren/horn sounds. The car is now of no use to the thief and so he runs away enabling you summon help and retrieve your car. An anti-hijack device can be fitted as a stand-alone device regardless if the car has an alarm system already.



Seven tips to avoid becoming a victim ...

1: Fit a security device ... well, we would say that, wouldn't we? - but nevertheless it's true. Most car criminals are opportunist and will always look for an unprotected car. Beware of cheap car alarms - there is an old saying that "you get what you pay for". This is very true with vehicle security. Criminals can get around a cheap alarm in minutes. A well-fitted Autowatch system will leave them baffled.

2: NEVER leave valuables where they can be seen from the outside - thieves have been known to break into a car for the odd coins in a coin tray - maybe enough for a packet of cigarettes to them, but a whole lot of headaches for you.