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Autowatch 375 Alarm System

If your vehicle has a factory fitted remote locking system, you can convert it into a full alarm system with this System. The existing key-fob remote 'plip' will continue to lock and unlock your car as normal, but will simultaneously control the 375 alarm system to provide additional protection for your vehicle and valuables.
The 375 alarm system incorporates several sensing systems to protect your vehicle. Each time the alarm system is turned on, these sensing systems start to monitor the vehicle and if an unauthorised interference is detected, the alarm system is triggered. As you lock or unlock your vehicle with the factory remote 'plip', the 375 will provide both visual and audible confirmation that the alarm system is operating. The Alarm light (LED) fitted on the dashboard also indicates the status of the alarm and provides a visual deterrent to thieves.






Security Features:


Convenience Features:

Thatcham cat 2 - cat 1 upgrade

* Soft top cars will need a microwave sensor instead of ultrasonics This will add £35 to the total.



£255 (includes on-site fitting)

If THATCHAM certificate required, add £10 to total price.

VSIB certificate will then be posted directly to

you within 14 days of  installation and is recognised

by all leading  insurance companies